SMS locator, video and mobile emergency - FlagMii EML

Using FlagMii® EML mobile technology with the Local Police in Ciampino (Italy) - search and rescue.

The City of Ciampino is part of the Metropolitan City of Rome Capital in Italy and has almost 40,000 inhabitants. It is a very significant urban reality both for its proximity to the Italian capital and for its proximity to the airport. It is therefore not surprising that the local police of the city is particularly attentive to technological innovation in support of all actions to protect the population.

The Territorial Police Force of Ciampino is one of the first Italian police forces that adopted FlagMii® EML for geolocation functions, live video from the areas of intervention, as well as for support to the population through multilingual translation.



POLICE Ciampino

In police contexts, the ability to quickly geolocate incoming calls is essential for a prompt response by patrols, but also to easily localize unconventional intervention areas, such as those outside roads and residential settlements. This can be a report of a fire or of a spill of illegal waste, as well as a request for help. In these cases, FlagMii® EML uses all the information available on the caller’s smartphone to establish the geographic coordinates as accurately as possible.
The system periodically updates the position even if the caller moves, as can happen in case of confusion or in dangerous situations.

Live video stream


POLICE Ciampino

In the operation scenarios of Territorial Police Forces, the live video function provided by FlagMii® EML is particularly useful for a preliminary assessment of the type of incident, which becomes possible even before arriving on site. In fact, the calls to the Local Police concern very diversified scenarios and the involvement of other support forces is often requested, for example the Fire Brigade. Live footage from the intervention site can also be carried out directly by the first patrol arriving on site, who can thus share them with colleagues or other rescue organizations.

Language recognition and translation


Another important function available to the Territorial Police Force in Ciampino is the multilingual support, which is essential in areas where the presence of foreigners is significant, both for tourist reasons and because of the social conformation of the population.

The powerful natural language processing (NLP) engine that equips FlagMii® EML can simultaneously translate the written conversations exchanged between the caller and the control panel through the chat function of the platform. In this way, both the operator and the person on the phone can converse in their mother tongue, which leads to greater accuracy in the acquisition of information and to an improvement in the quality of the police response.
In addition, the police station operator can involve a simultaneous interpreter for more complex situations, and, thanks to the video functions of the platform, adequate assistance can also be provided to deaf people, with the support of LIS interpreters.


1 – The police operator handling the call assesses the situation and realizes that it is useful to investigate the scene of intervention.

2 – The operator sends a special SMS to the caller’s mobile phone. The SMS is sent by the FlagMii®EML platform and contains the link necessary to start the connection.

3 – The person on the phone clicks the link and opens a web page, as if they were surfing. They do not have to download any apps, since they just click the link. Through this simple action, the phone is geolocated and a direct connection is established between the phone and the operator’s workstation.

4 – Thanks to the connection established by FlagMii®EML, in addition to geolocation the operator can use all the tools to send written messages to the caller, to exchange attachments, as well as simultaneous translation functions.

5 – If the police operator notices that the situation is complex, they can invite the person on the phone to film the scene as if they were shooting a very common video with the smartphone.

6 – The live video appears on the screen in the Operations Centre and the operator can thus ask to observe important details. At the same time, they can observe if people are following the instructions provided and can also evaluate the evolution of the situation.

7 – In the meantime, thanks to the geolocation carried out automatically by FlagMii®EML, patrols can be directed on the spot with precision.