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“I informed the child’s mother that I was sending her an SMS including a link and that in this way I would be able to see firsthand and from the Control Room what was happening.”

Daniele Celin – nurse of the 118 Bologna Emergency Service

“Through the camera, the operator improved every action, guiding every movement of Michele’s hands, as if he were with us in the room.”

Stefania – Patrick’s mother

The Control Room of the 118 Bologna is one of the many Italian emergency services using FlagMii® EML in emergency calls response everyday. Here, both the SMS based geolocation and the live video features provide a valuable support to the responders and really help save lives.

It is the case of little Patrick, a 2-year-old boy who risked suffocating for a bite of food while at home with his parents Michele and Stefania. The father and mother tried the unblocking maneuvers, but without success and so called the 118 emergency number.

The nurse who took charge of the call – Daniele Celin – understood that something more was needed than normal telephone support. In cases like these, in fact, there’s a huge difference between hearing the report of the upset parents and seeing firsthand to evaluate the situation.

Photo: / Youtube Primapartenza BRESCIA

Using FlagMii® EML live video features during choking rescue

“Without the help of this new technology, Patrick would certainly not be here today, because the intervention was timely and I believe that in these cases, timeliness is important.”

Michele – Patrick’s father


Michele, Patrick’s father

“I called 118 number and they asked me what was going on and where we were calling from, then they passed me the nurse who, with an incredible cold blood, proposed to see with his own eyes what was happening in order to remotely guide my husband in resuscitation maneuvers.”

Stefania – Patrick’s mother

Thanks to FlagMii® EML Daniele Celin – the emergency service responder – was able to observe from his position at the Operations Center the live video of what was happening in Michele and Stefania’s home.
Therefore he was able to guide Patrick’s father accurately, so that the resuscitation maneuvers were carried out correctly. All this took place even before the ambulance left for help.

The live video feature of FlagMii® EML does not not require any smartphone apps to be installed, therefore it saves valuable time and works with any smartphone, even when the caller is upset.


1 – The call-taker evaluates the severity of the reported situation and realizes that it is necessary to see the incident scene firsthand.

2 – The call-taker sends a special SMS to the mobile phone of the caller. The SMS is sent by the FlagMii® EML platform and contains the link to start the enhanced features.

3 – The caller clicks the link and opens a web page, as he does when surfing the web. He doesn’t have to download any apps, he just clicks the link. Through this simple action, the phone is geolocated and a direct connection is established between the phone and the call-taker workstation.

4 – The call-taker invites the caller to start the video and to point the mobile phone towards the scene, as if shooting a very ordinary video with the smartphone.

5 – The live video appears on the workstation in the Operations Center and the call-taker can better assess the severity, ask to observe important details and guide people on the incident scene in the lifesaving.

6 – Meanwhile, the ambulance can be accurately directed on the spot thanks to the geolocation performed by FlagMii®EML.

Daniele Celin

“It is often thought that the lifesaving moment is when the ambulance arrives on spot, but there is a timeframe – the Therapy-Free Interval – which is the moment in which the call is over and the ambulance leaves to reach the spot. During this period of time we can do many actions, together with those on the other side of the phone who are listening to us.”

Daniele Celin,
nurse of the 118 Bologna Emergency Service

In addition to secondary Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) such as the 118 emergency number, in Italy FlagMii®EML is also used for 1-1-2 Emergency Number control rooms, that is the first telephone filter for any type of emergency.

In addition to secondary Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs) such as the 118 emergency number, in Italy FlagMii® EML is also used for 1-1-2 Emergency Number control rooms, that is the first telephone filter for any type of emergency.