SMS locator and video tools
for 112 emergency calls

FlagMii® EML is the technology that combines mobile location with live video from incident scene.

Now with deaf support and real-time translation!


FlagMii EML allows CAD operators to retrieve caller’s location using the most supported technology. No app is required, no device-dependant services are involved.

Live video
from incident

Get the eye-on-scene benefits thanks to live video transmission from the caller's or rescuer's smartphone. Watch everything and give focused instructions.

translation of
the conversation

112 call-takers can start a chat conversation with foreign callers and turn on the built-in real-time translation of the text. Two-way translation is supported.

Support for
deaf people and
silent calls

FlagMii® EML is the application that allows deaf users and people under threat to interact with emergency number operators, including silent calls function.


Emergency mobile link:
the evolution of automated mobile location

FlagMii EML is the cloud software solution that sets up a direct communication channel between the Control Room CAD and the callers' smartphone. Moreover, FlagMii® EML activates a remote eye on the scene of the incident, through native videostream functions for rescuers.

Look at the incident scene with the eyes of the rescuers

Incident SCENE

FlagMii® EML sms location services are used by the control rooms of the EMS services, by the call centers of the Police, Fire Department and ambulance services to solve the most complex emergency situations. In these scenarios, the smartphone of the people at the accident site becomes a live camera and allows the operators in the exchange to have maximum awareness of the event in progress.


Emergency Call

The person at the scene of the accident calls the emergency number (112, 911, ...)


The CAD operator sends the SMS to activate the location service via smartphone. The service is app-free.

call-taker's instructions

Following the call-taker's instructions, the caller starts the videostream function.

assesses the extent of the accident

The call-taker can see what what is really happening, assesses the extent of the accident and the condition of the injured. It can also provide targeted information through the video.

Managing silent calls through chat, cascading questions and attachments

Silent Call

Many people who call the emergency numbers cannot speak. This can be due to an ongoing threat, such as for hostages and during terrorist actions. Through the emergency mobile link, the call-takers of the emergency numbers (112, 911, ...) can interview the caller during a silent call through written assessment protocols and provide instructions through images and attachments.


Silent Call

The silent call is handled by the emergency number.


The call-taker realizes that it is a possible silent call and a potential threat situation, so starts the SMS locator.

Automatic Chat

The person in danger replies to the SMS and starts the chat session, then the communication moves to the textual level.

The call-taker can send pre-filled closed-answer questionnaires

The call-taker can send pre-filled closed-answer questionnaires, so the caller can answer quickly and easily.

can send images from the emergency scene

The caller can send images from the emergency scene, the call-taker can send visual instructions to support the text.


Real-time automatic translation is available.

VideoChat DEAF

Support the deaf using text chat,
video chat and interpreters

The emergency mobile link created by FlagMii® EML establishes a communication channel between the rescue control room and the deaf caller. The textual communication, combined with images and sign language interpreters, allows to carry out all the assessment operations of the case and to support the interlocutor while waiting for help.



Check out how EML Mobile technology is supporting deaf people in Italy

Group conference and
second opinion teleconsulting

Smartphone mobile link through SMS locator includes the function of group video call. In the emergency context, this is a crucial function for sharing data with all rescue teams. The inclusion of chat and videoconferencing participants also extends second opinion and teleconsulting features to emergency calls. Group videoconferencing is used by simultaneous translators in the case of calls from foreigners and tourists.

Get accurate emergency location from any smartphone device

Get accurate emergency location from any smartphone device

Not everyone uses a latest generation smartphone. When you locate the place of the emergency, the caller's phone becomes the focus of your support action and you cannot overlook the large number of users who have less technologically advanced models. FlagMii's device-independent technology uses all positioning methods (cell ID, WiFi, GPS), to extend the AML (Advanced Mobile Location) and ELS (Emergency Location Services) services towards a truly universal rescue system.



SMS-based accurate geolocation of caller’s device, supporting all existing smartphone models.


App-free text communication from any mobile device.

Silent calls support
Silent calls support

Call-takers can support people under threat, kidnapping and terrorist attack victims, hostages through non-verbal communication.

Video Live-Stream

Live stream from incident scene can be used to support victims and for better situation assessment.


Extend emergency assessment using conferencing and three-way video for second opinion and teleconsulting activities.

Real time translation and interpreters
Real time translation and interpreters

Two-way automatic translation for text conversation sessions + live interpreters during conferencing.

Predefined assessment questions
Predefined assessment questions

Send predefined cascading questions to speed up assessment tasks, closed-ended questions are included.

Photo and attachments
Photo and attachments

Guide callers using visual attachments and get photos from the incident scene for better medical diagnosis.


Watch FlagMii® accurate location retrieval technology in action in the Netherlands ( RAVHM Flagmii-VIL system )