SMS locator, video and mobile emergency - FlagMii EML

Share information on event management
between Public Safety Bodies

The Emergency Mobile Link FlagMii®EML platform can acquire various types of information (conversations, attachments, videos from the scene of the incident, GPS information) using the mobile devices involved in the management of emergency events. This information can be shared between different types of Bodies to achieve true interoperability in Public Safety.

CAD integration

CAD integration

FlagMii®EML is a cloud-based platform that can be used as a stand-alone service or be integrated into any existing Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. In this way it is possible to extend the functionalities of the Operations Centre quickly and conveniently, optimizing costs and benefits.

It is the most effective way to upgrade the functionality of the Control Room with the latest generation mobile management tools, with live video from the scene of the accident and with accurate location retrieval features.

Persistent assessment sessions

Persistent assessment sessions

If FlagMii®EML is used by more than one Control Room – for example in a Primary and Secondary PSAPs scenario or in the case of Centres of different Bodies (EMS, Police, Fire, …) – the assessment data can be collected and shared. The call-taker can gather a first set of information in FlagMii®EML, including attachments and videos from the scene of the accident, and subsequently forward the data to an operator of another Operations Centre who continues the management of the event.

The operation can continue for all the necessary steps, until the case management is over.

Thanks to this feature, FlagMii EML allows unprecedented levels of integration in the interdisciplinary management of emergencies.

Custom protocols

Custom protocols

Using FlagMii®EML, all existing Control Rooms can enrich traditional assessment protocols with enhanced customized protocols. Some of them are highly effective to support deaf and impaired people.


The interaction via chat with the person in difficulty allows operators and call-takers to carry out rapid Q&A sessions directly on the screen of the caller’s smartphone. Pictograms and attached images can be used to assess the health condition, the state of the injured and the severity of the situation.


The platform can host third-party and customized protocols, which can thus extend the normal functionality of existing CADs.

Archive of managed events


All the activities performed using FlagMii®EML – the assessment sessions, the data exchanged and the chat communications – are stored in a safe and secure way.

The events archive is always accessible for further consultation. Audio and video sessions are also recorded and can be played back at any time.



People from outside the Operations Center, such as specialist doctors, technical consultants and coordinators of other Bodies, can be invited to the FlagMii EML sessions. They can see all the information exchanged and watch the live videos activated by FlagMii®EML.

Thus, FlagMii®EML is a fundamental tool for interdisciplinary consulting in Public Safety.

How it works

FlagMii®EML is based on the Emergency Mobile Link, a direct reserved channel between the call-taker’s workstation in the Control Room and the smartphone of the person in distress. The telephone can also be that of a rescuer on the incident scene or that of a remote consultant.

How it works
  • The person in distress makes the call;
  • The operator sends an SMS with a link;
  • The person in distress (or the rescuer)
    clicks the link in the SMS;
  • The operator gets the exact location automatically;
  • A private and secure digital channel is created between the person and the operator;
  • Then, the following functions can be activated:
    – Chat
    – Live video
    – Attachments and visual instructions
    – Simultaneous translation
    – Evaluation protocols
  • Additional participants can be added later.